Our Projects

Life Chances works with disadvantaged elders, the disabled and others in London

Connecting people to tackle loneliness and social isolation for the elders and the disabled. Befriending with those home-bound because of age and ill health. Promoting intergenerational dialogue between elders and children. Promoting preventive Health and wellbeing in mother tongues. Providing 1-1- advice, information, referrals and advocacy services.

Life Chance Supports disadvantaged children and young people

Providing supplementary education for disadvantaged children in need. Preventing youth crime and violence at community level by involving role models. Promoting intergenerational dialogue between children and elders for mutual benefits. Promoting better understanding between parents and children.

Life Chance seeks to support destitute elders, the disabled and children in need in Ethiopia.

Utilising traditional skills to create sustainable livelihoods for destitute elders and youth in need in Ethiopia by mobilising external support. To promote community based development activities for the disabled and destitute in Ethiopia.