Promoting wellbeing for older people and enabling children realise their full potentials in life

Our mission is to support disadvantaged and vulnerable population groups towards achieving our vision through implementation of the stated aims and objectives of Life Chances.

Our Causes

Ethiopian refugee elders living in London are victims of political repression and associated personal, social and psychological problems they encountered in their country of origin. Leaving behind their immediate and extended family network as they now live alone facing social isolation in the UK,

Most of this vulnerable population group live with long term health conditions including disability associated with their particular predicaments. Their support needs are diverse and often complex requiring linguistically and culturally appropriate skills and partnership working with relevant statutory and non-statutory sectors working in the field.

Children born to their refugee parents and growing up in the UK are caught up between two often conflicting cultures and that pose formidable challenges for the children, parents, schools and the society. Many of the children remain prone to substance misuse, gang culture and crime. Due to language barrier many refugee parents also face considerable challenge in providing educational support and guidance for their children.

Foundation of Life Chances

The original idea to establish Life Chances was the product of long-term conversations and discussions among its founding members and community leaders who have been working in the refugee sector in the UK over the last two decades. Based on this initial concept idea the founding team undertook a community-based feasibility study involving potential service users during the Autumn of 2016 the findings of which provided the ground for the formation of Life Chance charity in London.

Partnership Working

We work in partnership with various statutory and voluntary organisations including Public Health England (Camden & Islington) Voluntary Action Islington, Refugee Council, Evelyn Oldfield Unit, Reconnect, ROTA, AFLAH (Somali group) and the International Youth Organization (Congolese group)