Project for disadvantaged Senior Citizens
  •  Bringing people together to tackle social isolation
  • Promoting inter-generational dialogue for mutual benefits
  • Befriending with those home-bound because of age and ill health
  • Advocacy services for the those vulnerable
  • Health promotion activities in service users’ mother tongues
  • Providing 1-1 advice, information and referral services
 Project for disadvantaged Children and Youth in London
  •  Tackling poverty and domestic violence
  • Promoting Inter-generational dialogue for mutual benefits
  • Tackling cultural differences to prevent family conflicts
  • Providing Homework support for disadvantaged children
  • Preventing harmful practices and crime
  • One to one advice, information and referral services
Project for disadvantaged Elders and Children in Ethiopia 
  • Mobilising traditional knowledge and skills among destitute elders and children
  • living at the most deprived parts of Ethiopia to help them generate livelihoods for themselves
  •  To promote sponsorship/support for children in need at deprived areas of Ethiopia